1) Customized Products - How does it work?


Select your ideal product and upload a picture of your beloved pet. A team of expert designers will turn that photo into a custom piece of artwork. The design will then be sent to you for up to 3 reviews and once you approve it we will then produce and ship your pet's artwork to you.


2) Picking the right photo for your pet


The best photo to submit would be showing you pet sitting upright or standing. Be sure to provide a close-up high quality picture of your pet. Make sure that your pet's face is not obscured by objects and that the lighting is clear enough to make it easy for custom art to be created. It doesn't matter if there are any other objects in the background. We just want a picture that highlights your pet's beautiful features as best as you can.


3) How soon can we deliver your product?


Once the pictures of your pet meet the required standards we will contact you within 1-2 days and once the design is approved it will be shipped within 7-14 working days.


4) What can I customize?


We can make custom mugs, canvas, iPhone/android cases and t-shirts and posters. Just send us a picture with the criteria listed on  question 2 and we will take care of the rest.


5) Do you offer refunds?


As your order is 100% unique and custom made for you and your pet, we cannot offer refunds. If you received an item that was damaged or incorrect in some way, we will replace the item for free. If you do not wish to have an item replaced, we can refund your purchase when you provide us with evidence of damage or defect.


6) How can I check the status of my order?


You can e-mail us at support@adorablebuddies.com and we will send you the tracking number.