Which Dog Mug Is Best for New Paw-rents?


People who get new dogs are so overwhelmed with love and adoration that they can’t seem to separate from their pets for even a minute. These new paw-rents get bummed about not spending more time with their doggies and get stressed over simple things. If you know a new pet parent with similar feelings, we have the perfect thing they'll love - a dog mug!

A cute dog mug will help a pet lover cope with the separation and feel that their pet is right next to them. When they are enjoying a cup of coffee at work or on a trip away from home, they can have the mug as reassurance. We have a selection of dog mugs in this article that will be perfect for new paw-rents!

Dog Mug Gifts for New Paw-rents

Pug Mug

A perfect mug for new pet lovers is a pug mug! You can surprise your loved ones with this mug so they will feel less stressed about missing their pug when away from home. They can have a cup of coffee whenever they miss their fur friend. We just hope they don’t become coffee addicts because of this mug!

pug mug

Puppy Dog Coffee Mug

If a new paw-rent is already a coffee addict, this is the right dog mug for them! It clearly states the person using the cup is 'fond' of coffee, and the illustration on the mug is enough to make anyone smile.

puppy in a mug


Dog Mom Mug

Dog moms are adorable when they are missing their fur babies or stressing over minor details. If you give them this 'Best Dog Mom Ever' mug, they will instantly smile and feel better about doing their dog-mom duties. It’s a cute white-glossy mug with lettering in pink and black that any pet lover would love!

dog mom mug

Personalized Dog Mug

A custom dog mug is a way to show your loved one how much you appreciate their love for their pet. You can surprise them with a personalized mug displaying a cute picture of their dog. By sending the best picture of your pet with a close up that will make the dog mug more special, you can bring a smile to your loved one's face!


custom dog mug

Dog Dad Coffee Mug

A new dad is always flustered about taking care of their fur babies, and you can put them at ease with the 'Best Dog Dad Ever' mug. It is an excellent gift for a friend, father, husband, brother, or son. Anyone will love this cute and reassuring dog dad coffee mug, as it brings out the happiness of living with a pet!


dog dad coffee mug

Pawsitive Vibes Dog Mug

Dogs give us the pawsitive vibes we want from a furry friend. It can be a life-changing experience for most of us, and what better way to celebrate it than a uniquely designed cup that says 'Always Think Pawsitive’?

A dog mug can spread the positivity and keep the people around you happy as well.

pawsitive vibes dog mug

Sometimes new paw-rents only want some reassurance and a simple statement that tells them they are doing just fine! With a dog mug, you can help them relieve some of their stress and enjoy their new life as a dog lover. 

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